Test Items

Pony Testing international group has qualifications of CMA, CMAF, CNAS and CCC laboratory The scope of business includes food safety testing, biomedical analysis, genetic testing, environmental and water quality monitoring, automotive vehicle / auto parts / body accessories testing, electronic information products testing, cosmetics / toys / textiles and other consumer goods testing, and battery, Condition identification, safety reliability testing, construction materials and energy conservation and environmental protection and other fields。 PONY has been accredited by the State Administration for Market Regulation。。。

Factory inspection

As global trade is becoming prosperous, the third party inspection service comes into being. Inspection, also called as notary or export inspection during exporting and exporting trade,an activity that goods quantity and other relevant contents of order and purchase contract are inspected and accepted on behalf of clients or buyer according to their requirements with an aim to inspect the goods provided by vendor meet requirements of the order contract and other special requirements of the buyers.

Greenhouse gases

PONY owns a professional team for theinspection。 The team membersare IRCA registered lead auditors and auditors who have experiences of working in CDM projects and carbon trading provinces and cities。 The major clients are the enterprises which are members in the national carbon emissions trading market。

Certification services

With independent corporation qualification in commercial test agency, Pony Testing International Group (“PONY” for short), is currently authorized by Certification and Accreditation (CNCA) (Grant No: CNCA-R-2016-236) and mainly engaged in Quality Management System certification (QMS), Food Safety Management System certification (FSMS), organic product certification, Good Agricultural Practices certification(GAP)、Guideline for Good Manufacture Practice of Cosmetic Products certification(GMPC)business.

Food Safety

As a leading contract food test laboratory, PONY focus on food safety test in food chain. PONY is accredited by CMAF (Food Testing organization) and CATL (Agricultural Products Quality and Safety Testing Organization) and recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture for green food, pollution-free agricultural products and geographical indications of agricultural products and recognized by Certification and Accreditation Administration of China. Moreover, as one of the long-term cooperation company, PONY undertake production, commodity circulation, catering, other aspects of food safety supervision, risk monitoring, emergency sampling and test...


Being one of major technical partners and supporters for environmental protection, PONY is certified as the commercial testing organizations recognized by branches of Ministry of Environmental Protection all over the country. With the accreditations from CNAS and CMA in the fields of environmental monitoring, based on HJ standards and related industrial standards,PONY can offer one-stop service for clients and provide professional pollution tests in the fields of marine and surface water, soils, airs, solid waste and noise, etc.

Automobile testing service

Chinese automobile industry is a part of economy globalization。 Meanwhile, the world's automotive industries raise great concerns on how to recycle scraped vehicles economically and environmentally friendly and promote sustainable development of the automotive industry。 PONY can provide all kind of vehicle tests for you。


Being a leading contract laboratory in China, PONY devotes on tests for electronic and electric products and their supply chain. With certification and qualification for electronics testing and strong competence, PONY offers toxic and hazardous substances tests, such as RoHS, PoHS, PFOS, PAHs, WEEE for manufactures.

Water quality

Due to overuse of natural resources and environment deterioration, the water pollution is increasing rapidly. Besides discharging untreated domestic wastewater, the main reason of water pollution is caused by untreated industrial sewage. With advanced water quality testing methods and techniques, PONY devotes for reduce water pollution and protecting our water resources.


As a leading role and an expert in the field of daily summer products, PONY focuses on inspection and tests for quality and safety of daily-care product, and will facilitate clients to meet requirements of quality control。 According to international latest test standards, PONY can provide professional tests。

Building material test

In recent years, energy-saving and environmental friendly building material is very popular. Building energy consumption needs to be greatly reduced. The energy consumption in construction industry accounts for 30%-40% of total energy consumption. PONY offer tests fro “green” and energy-saving building material.

Textile test

China is the major manufacture and exporter of textiles in the world. The textile’s quality and safety is vital important for export products. The products should meet the relevant requirements in the imported countries, and pass their quality tests before shipping to the market.

Toys testing

As a Chinese leading contract laboratory for toys and children safety products, PONY devotes herself for their quality and safety tests. In order to facilitate manufactures to meet the requirements of imported countries’ laws and regulations, PONY can provide all kind of professional tests for you.

Freight & Battery Testing

In order to ensuring air safety transport safety of batteries, the standard for transport of lithium batteries by air has been released by Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). The standard claims that lithium batteries transported by air must be tested according to UN 38.3 in an accredited laboratory by CAAC before goods shipping and receiving. The lithium batteries are not allowed to ship without the UN 38.3 test report.

Introduction about PONY

Pony Testing, a large-scale comprehensive testing and inspection organization, was established in June, 2002… [more]

Branches and offices in Chinamore

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